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  • 7 Reasons Every Programmer Needs to Learn JavaScript

    It's impossible to ignore JavaScript's influence in the industry today. Here are specific reasons why learning JavaScript may make sense for you. In my recent discussions with hiring managers about how hard it is to find good developers, the realization has slowly dawned on me that the programming language to learn today is JavaScript. This is particularly true if you are a web developer, but I would be inclined to just make a blanket statement.

  • 15 Ways to Write Beautiful Code

    A list of what to keep in mind when coding to make sure it stays clean and functional.

  • How to Back Up and Restore Data on Android Without Root

    Helium is a very useful Android application that allows you to back up and restore data on your Android device. Unlike other popular backup options such as Titanium Backup, Helium does not require root access to function.

    You can install the application by searching for Helium on the Google Play Store.