Official presentation of Google Nexus 5


    Google introduced the smart phone - Nexus 5, jointly developed with LG company. By tradition, the "google phone" became the first of the fifth generation device, which has the "freshest" version of the operating system Android 4.4 KitKat.

    The stuffing of Nexus 5 corresponds almost to the smartphone G2, previously released by LG. "Standard" device is equipped with a 4-core Snapdragon chip 800 (clock speed - 2.26 GHz) with two gigabytes of "RAM", 4.95-inch Full HD display with IPS-matrix, built-in memory of 16 to 32 GB, as well as battery capacity of 2300 mA*h. On the back cover is installed 8-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization system. Card slot microSD is missing as in Nexus 4.

    Nexus 5 looks smaller than the Nexus 4. Front end of smart phone is covered with Gorilla Glass screen 3 and the back is made of plastic-polycarbonate. Its volume buttons and lock are made of ceramic - a material which is quite rare in the mobile electronics.

    The speed of the Nexus 5 greatly exceeds last year's model. In the latest test Quadrant 2.0 "nexus" scored 9296 points, while the Nexus 4 - 5224. Nexus 5 achieved the best estimates in 3D Mark IS Ultimate, showing 17 880 points.

    The weight of the Nexus 5 is not very big - only 130 grams. Its thickness - 8.6 mm. The smart phone supports wireless charging!

     Official presentation of Google Nexus 5