Google released Android 4.4


    Google Inc. has introduced a mobile operating system Android 4.4 in October. It has got the code name KitKat in honor of chocolate bar, produced by Nestle.

    One of the main innovations in the 4.4 was modified phone application. First of all, it displays not only the data from the address book, but also contact companies located in geographic proximity. Information is drawn from Google Maps. SMS and MMS are opened in Hangouts.

    In the second place, the company has transformed the OS interface. If the user listens to music or transmits video from the device to the TV, then the lock screen displays the control panel player. Applications open full screen, and you must hold your finger on the display to see a string of notifications and navigation buttons.

    Android 4.4 can run on devices with weak features. It is enough rather 512 megabytes of RAM for successful operation of the operating system. The company also updated some of the staff of the program and added to the Android OS some new applications: in particular these are an office suite Quickoffice, pedometer and keyboard Emoji. Devices with IR LED can now be used as a remote control without installing additional software. Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. There are more than one billion devices has been activated on this platform in the world by 2013.

    Google released Android 4.4