How to Undo Sending an Email in Gmail


    Undo Send an Email in Gmail

    1. Head over to the Gmail website and get yourself logged in.

    2. When your inbox loads up, click on the gear icon located in the top-right corner of the screen. Then, select the “Settings” option to be taken to the Settings panel for your Gmail account.


    3. Once in Settings, click on the “General” tab on the top if you are not already there. There should be a section titled “Undo Send” where the undo send feature toggle is located.

    Check the box that says “Enable Undo Send” to enable the feature in your account.

    You now need to specify the cancellation period. This is the duration for which the email will not be sent, giving you the option to undo sending it. Click on the drop-down menu and choose your time period in seconds. I’d recommend choosing ten seconds, as I think it is enough time for you to make a decision whether to send the email or not.


    4. Scroll all the way down and click on “Save Changes.”

    5. It is time to test the feature that you just enabled. Create a new email by clicking on the “Compose” button.


    6. Compose your email and when done, click the “Send” button.


    7. As soon as you press the Send button, you will see an option on your screen saying “Undo.” Click on it so that your email will not be sent.


    8. Gmail will send you back to the compose email window for you to make any changes to the email or to simply discard it.

    The feature will remain enabled as long as you do not manually turn it off from the Settings panel. Disabling it is as easy as enabling it. You just need to visit the settings panel and uncheck the box for the feature, and it will be disabled.

    This nifty little feature really helps you get those emails back that you were not ready to send and might possibly save you from unnecessary embarrassment.

    How to Undo Sending an Email in Gmail