• 15 Ways to Write Beautiful Code

    A list of what to keep in mind when coding to make sure it stays clean and functional.

  • 12 Keyboard and Multitouch Gesture Tricks on Mac to Improve Your Productivity

    You may have accidentally discovered a keyboard shortcut or multitouch gesture that made everything faster and easier in your Mac computer. Would you like to know others? We are unveiling a handful of keyboard shortcuts and secret multitouch gestures for Mac users to tinker with while working towards seamless switching and navigation. Whether you just switched to OS X, are a newbie or a veteran user, as always the goal is to make your tech life easier. Note: in this tutorial the computer runs OS X Yosemite 10.10.3.

  • 10 Mac Terminal Commands You Should Know

    One of the best ways to get the most out of Terminal on your Mac is to learn what all it can do for you. While it looks like more of a programmer’s thing, it is really easy to use once you have learned some commands for it. There are a number of commands, and they can accomplish different tasks for you. Here we have compiled ten of those terminal commands that – as a Mac user – you should know.

  • How to Undo Sending an Email in Gmail

    Gmail Labs has been offering the “Undo Send” email feature for a long time, but it is only now that the feature has been adapted by Google and been made official. What the “undo send” feature does is let you undo sending an email. For instance, if you prepared an email, and immediately after hitting the Send button you realize that you forgot to add a link into that email, you can simply click the Undo link, and the email will not be sent until you re-click the send button.

  • Add a Power Chime to Your Mac Via the Terminal

    Chances are if you own an iPhone you’ll be familiar with a chime it makes when you plug it in to charge. Similarly, Apple’s new 12-inch MacBooks make the same sound when you connect and disconnect the power.